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In order to register for classes all students must log into their school net (Power School) account.  Students can log in to school net by going to www.jcpsnc.org/students and selecting the NCEdCloud icon, once logged in students will select the PowerSchool icon to continue. Students are logging into the same screen they use to see their current grades, see below for more in depth instructions.

Every student will be given the opportunity to meet with their School Counselor to discuss their course selections. Students and Parents can complete the registration process online, and are encouraged to discuss the selections prior to meeting with their School Counselor. Parents are welcome to schedule a time to meet with Counselors and Students to discuss registration.

Rising Freshmen (Current 8th grade Students):
Stacy Macke, smacke@jcpsmail.org ext. 2502

Rising Sophomores-Rising Seniors Last Names A-K:
Kaye Anderson, kanderson@jcpsmail.org ext. 2505

Rising Sophomores-Rising Seniors Last Names L-Z:
Paige Brooks, pbrooks@jcpsmail.org ext. 2504

Smoky Mountain will host Freshman Mustang Orientation nights Tuesday, April 9th and Thursday, April 18th from 5:30 to 6:30 pm in the SMHS Cafeteria and Front Lobby. 

Smoky Mountain will also host a Rising Senior Informational night on Monday, May 6th from 5:30 to 6:30 pm in the SMHS Media Center. Counselors will discuss the registration process, opportunities for college credit, and preparation for senior year. For more information, contact your student’s counselor.

Below you will find multiple attachments to assist in the registration process.

Here is a picture guide of how to get to the registration screen:


Below you will find the 2019-2020 Smoky Mountain High School Course Descriptions:

Here are the electives rising freshmen are eligible to take:


Below is our standard and honors course of study recommendations:


Here is a tool to assist you in creating a 4-year plan for your courses at SMHS:


Below are the summer reading requirements for AP English Courses: