Welcome to the Smoky Mountain High School Remote Learning site. The main purpose of the site is to provide a central clearinghouse for information that students and parents will need while school is closed due to the coronavirus. Please use the links below to locate the teacher or resource you need.

For the latest Remote Learning Updates, please select the link above, or go here: http://smh.jcpsnc.org/smhremotelearning/important-information-for-students-and-parents/

A link for this site can be found on the student ClassLink page. To access, students need to log in to their school-issued device and open Chrome. ClassLink will be the homepage. Logging in to ClassLink is not necessary. For students using their own computers, they can link to ClassLink: https://launchpad.classlink.com/jcps Students should then log in to ClassLink with their student username (NOT their full email address) and the password that they normally use to log in to a school computer. In ClassLink, open the SMHS Remote Learning app for this site.

Students are also encouraged to download the apps for Canvas (if their teacher is using it) and Outlook (for their school email). Both apps send out notifications whenever there have been changes or additions making it easier to stay on top of new information.

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