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Building with KEVA Planks

KEVA Planks are a recent addition to the SMHS Makerspace. They are building materials that differ from other cool building products such as LEGO in that they have no connectors and every piece is the same as every other piece. Each plank is 3/4″ wide, 4 1/2″ long, and 1/4″ thick. Building with them requires students to consider how the pieces interact and affect all of the other pieces because it isn’t possible to snap them together or join them with glue or nails. To get started last week, students were given several simple objects that they could replicate. This gave them a chance to get used to how the planks could be used and what engineering considerations had to be made to prevent a build from collapsing. This week, students worked in teams to replicate a more complex object that was projected on the screen: a train car. The team replicating the car the most precisely and in the least amount of time won the opportunity to choose the next makerspace activity. Blue Makerspace winning team decided on 3Doodler pens next time we meet. The Silver Makerspace winning team chose to make friendship bracelets.