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Welcome to the SMHS Library Makerspace!

This site is dedicated to projects created by members of the Smoky Mountain High School Makerspace Club. Each week, students have the opportunity to make something cool, interesting, and creative with their own ideas and designs or with a club-selected focus on a specific project theme: electricity, 3D printing, stop motion, and green screen, to name a few. Completed makes will be featured here. The SMHS Makerspace Club is sponsored by the Smoky Mountain High School Library.

See something you like? Stop by the SMHS Library to find out more.

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May The Fourth Be With You!

In honor of a certain Star Wars day, our Makerspace Club made lightsabers using LEDs, copper tape, button batteries, straws, and some cool little LilyPad switches from SparkFun Electronics. With a template from, we were all set. Students learned how the positive and negative side of the battery related to the positive and negative stems of the LED and that electricity will not flow if the circuit is broken…unless it’s completed with a switch! Clever, these students are!

We’re hoping to use the switches and some conductive thread to move on to sewable electronics before the year is out. In the meantime, May The Fourth Be With You!

Students use copper tape and a template to create a lightsaber.

Students work on their lightsabers.

Students add copper tape to a template to create a lightsaber.

Two students display their completed lightsabers.