Nurse Aide I (CNA)

The Nurse Aid (CNA) certification is obtained through the senior level class, Nursing Fundamentals.


High School Students

North Carolina high schools, through Health Occupations Education programs, have the opportunity to offer state-approved Nurse Aide I training. A memorandum of understanding between the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation/Health Care Personnel Registry Section/Center for Aide Regulation Education and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) gives management responsibility for Nurse Aide I state-approved training in high school programs to the Health Occupations Education Nurse Aide office at the NCDPI. State-approved high school Nurse Aide training programs meet the same standards as all other state-approved Nurse Aide I training programs in North Carolina. For more information on the high school programs, contact NCDPI at 919-807-3907.


For more information about the Nurse Aide I certification process, please visit the following website:

Guide to State-Approved Nurse Aide I Training and Testing