NCCER Carpentry Certification

The NCCER Certification is obtained in our Carpentry classes.  A student has to pass each module out of Core and Sustainable Construction, Carpentry I and Carpentry II to obtain certification.


The National Center for Construction Education Research (NCCER) is a not-forprofit 501(c) (3) education foundation created in 1996 to develop standardized construction, maintenance, and pipeline curricula with portable credentials to help address the critical skilled workforce shortage that exists in construction. NCCER’s training process of accreditation, instructor certification, standardized curriculum, national registry, assessment, and certification is a key component in the industry’s workforce development efforts. The North Carolina Career and Technical Education, Trade and Industrial Education Construction program area of NCDPI has formed a partnership with NCCER to provide teacher certification, program/facility certification, and student written and performance assessments, leading to portable credentials for students. NCCER national certifications for secondary and post-secondary construction programs are recognized as a national industry standard.

When a school program is NCCER certified, there are several accompanying requirements:

  • Teachers must become certified as Craft Instructors by successfully completing the Instructor Certification Training Program (ICTP).
  • Schools must also apply and become Accredited Training and Education Facilities (ATEF).
  • Students must successfully complete both written and performance assessments as described in the Contra Curriculum for their respective area.