Articulated Credit

Articulation is the seamless process that joins high school CTE coursework and college credit. It is the relationship between high school CTE courses and identified community college courses that significantly match learning outcomes. The intention is for students who are interested in a particular career to begin course work in high school that leads to a program area at a community college. By taking advantage of this opportunity, students are able to get a “head start” on college and career preparedness.


For a student to receive articulated credit, the student MUST enroll at the community college within two years of high school graduation date AND meet the following criteria:

  • Final grade of B or higher in the course AND
  • A score of 93 or higher on the standardized CTE post assessment


CTE course taken after July 1, 2017 Use this link:
CTE course taken in 2016-2017 school year and before Use this link: